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“We had the ugliest house in the neighborhood,” says Beth Dadisman of her home in Great Falls.
Not only was there was no front entrance and no cohesive look to the mismatched brick and aluminum siding, but a backyard patio had cracked and was causing water damage in the basement.

Beth and her husband David chose DG Liu Contractor based on a single question. “When I asked who will be in charge of the job and who will actually be working on it, I discovered that Jerry had his own crew,” Beth says. “That was important to me. Subcontractors can be so far removed from the work that they don’t really care how it looks. Jerry’s guys did care. They were here on time, tried to keep things clean, and were very conscientious. I actually miss them—they even let out my dog for me!”

Our crew gave the house a total exterior makeover and partial kitchen modifications. We constructed a front portico, installed new siding and trim, and added a flagstone walk, stoop, and shutters. Out back we built a new flagstone patio and a screened porch with an extended roof over the deck. We opened up the kitchen, added French doors to the porch, and installed cabinets with rollout drawers.

“Now we’re definitely not the ugliest house anymore,” says Beth. “The screened porch will make a world of difference in the spring. And the open kitchen, family, and dining room makes the whole house seem lighter.”

The Dadismans are now considering adding a bedroom over their garage. “I would definitely hire DG Liu again,” says Beth. “But I want my same crew. Because they’re like family.”

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“I would definitely hire DG Liu again,”

Beth Dadisman